CSU DropIn Photo1The Transfer Center is partnering with the CTTL, Learning Center and faculty and staff to work towards the goal of reviewing as many UC applicant personal statements as possible. Traditionally, that means around 200 students! To reach this goal, the Transfer Center partnered with the CTTL on Tuesday, October 28 to host a workshop on reviewing personal statements. Our UC Davis representative Mayra Escobar and English Professor Karen Wong gave an in-depth overview of what the UC is looking for and tips on supporting students’ writing process for the personal statement.  Eighteen faculty and staff from various disciplines and departments attended the workshop and several have since signed up to volunteer during designated UC personal statement review drop-in hours provided through the Transfer Center.

The first drop in day was on Wednesday, November 12 and it was widely attended!

The Transfer Center coordinated its efforts this year with the Learning Center by having a Personal Statement Workshop hosted one week prior to each drop-in day. This way students can get an overview of the process, start brainstorming and have time to come in with a draft. The faculty and staff working with students will provide feedback primarily on the content of the essay and Writing Center staff and tutors will continue their efforts to support students with the mechanics of their statements.

If you are interested in joining Skyline College’s efforts to support our UC applicants, please contact Suzanne Poma at pomas@smccd.edu.

Article by Suzanne Poma | Photo by Michele Haggar