On Thursday, October 29 at noon, the Human Library welcomes our community of staff, students, faculty and administrators to share personal stories as part of an international movement to “unjudge” at the Skyline College Library.

At Human Library events, held virtually this year, “human books” are “loaned” to readers just as libraries loan physical books to library visitors. Continuing the theme, “don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” readers are encouraged to ask questions freely for honest answers in return, as books and readers sit down together to engage in conversations.

The Human Library offers a respite from the isolation many of us are feeling by offering a safe space to meet people from different backgrounds and to learn about their experiences – particularly people who have felt the sting of prejudice, stigma and marginalization. 

For years now, Skyline College participants have reported back powerful and positive experiences: I feel like Human Library is a way to give people hope.” It’s for this reason exactly that the Human Library remains a popular event. Please RSVP to learn about available book titles and descriptions and to reserve your spot. Then mark your calendars for Thursday, October 29 at noon!

Interested in learning more about the Human Library? Find much more information here and on Facebook. Would you like to bring your class to the Human Library? Please reach out to Skyline College Librarian Pia Walawalkar <walawalkars@smccd.edu>.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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