SFSU Nursing students San Francisco State University provided two critical workshops in April to Skyline College transfer students: “Next Steps for Fall 2015 Transfer Students” and “Preparing for SFSU’s Nursing Programs.”

On Thursday, April 16, an admitted students workshops was hosted by SFSU outreach representative Doris Fendt and Financial Aid Advisor Nancy Joaditis. Over 40 students attended the workshop and got critical information on next steps for admissions and financial aid next steps. This is the first time that someone from Financial Aid has presented at Skyline College as part of this workshop and we hope to host her back more often in the future. Students were able to get their questions answered and come to the Transfer Center to set up one on one appointments with Doris. This workshops are especially important to helping students make a smooth transition to SFSU.

Special thanks to Doris Fendt, our SFSU Outreach Representative, who presented and coordinated Nancy’s presence at the workshop!

SFSU Admitted Students WorkshopOn Wednesday, April 29, Catherine Middleten, SFSU’s Coordinator of the Sequoia/SFSU Nursing program, came to present on SFSU’s Nursing Programs. She covered both the traditional SFSU Nursing Program and the Sequoia/SFSU Nursing program that is hosted at Cañada College. SMCCD students have an advantage (they get points on their applications) for being SMCCD students.  Over 30 students attended thanks to the extensive outreach of our science faculty! Applying to nursing programs could be easily compared to the process of applying to graduate programs such as business or physical therapy. There are entrance exams and special timeline considerations that students have to manage and it is extremely competitive. Getting this information early is critical to our students’ understanding of what they need to do and to develop a plan to achieve their goals!

Many thanks to the Science Math and Technology Division Faculty and Staff who referred students to this workshop and to the Division for hosting the workshop in Building 7.

Article and photo by Suzanne Poma