September was an active month at the Library for celebrating campus diversity and exercising democratic rights and freedoms!

The Learning Commons Poetry Corner Series honored LatinX Heritage Month as Professor Lucia Lachmayr hosted students for an intense hour of poetry reading and discussion. Some students read aloud from their original works.

Next,  National Voter Registration Day saw volunteers signing up scores of new student voters in the Building 5 lobby. (Didn’t make it? Stop by the Library for a California Voter Registration Form). A library book display complimented the day, showcasing literature on our nation’s voting rights struggles, past and present.

Banned Books Week activities and readings also brought scores of students to the Library to listen as faculty read and discussed such censored classics as Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, Catcher in the Rye, The Handmaid’s Tale, and a new novel called George about a transgender girl’s coming of age

Last but not least, Skyline College Journalism students trekked to the Library for a quick lesson in handling primary sources — those created by former Skyline students. Their real purpose? To browse decades of back issues of the Skyline Press, our former student newspaper (1969-1985), to learn Skyline’s history from a student perspective.This work will contribute to the College’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp

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