camille seaman and studentsOn Thursday October 22, 2015, Skyline College welcomed Award-winning photographer, Senior TED Fellow and Environmentalist Camille Seaman. Her work focuses on the fragile environments of the Arctic and Antarctica and extreme weather conditions that produce super-storms and tornados.  The images that she captures show the immense power of nature and fragility of our world.  Camille spoke to us of lessons that she received from her grandfather while growing up on the Shinnecock Indian Reservation in Long Island, New York. “I was taught from a very young age that we are connected to everything, that everything has a life force.”

Camille shared the story of her own rising consciousness as a young artist and how she was able to take advantage of serendipitous circumstances to begin a meaningful and rewarding career.   Ms. Seaman stated, “We are all here at this time for a purpose, take the time to reflect and find your passion, do what you love.”  Her message of universal connection and following your dreams gave insight to attendees and inspired many to follow their inner compass to find their true calling in order to achieve personal fulfillment and success.

For additional information about Camille Seaman and her work check out her facebook page and her website.

If you missed Camille’s lecture you can view the video on the Skyline College lectures USTREAM page.

Article by Amory Cariadus