Top: Electronics Lab 7-304; right: Physics Lab 7-305: bottom: ITS 19-206; from left to right, students: Eden Huang, Paul-Frederik Schubert, Jonathan Mariano-Smith, club advisor Marco Wehrfritz

In an effort to help students and enhance the visibility of specific rooms, the Engineering and Robotics Club (ERC) began laser-cutting acrylic letters and labeling certain areas on campus. Since we have several new students who are unfamiliar with parts of the campus, the idea manifested it would be a good helpful to label certain rooms within building 7. The new Electronics Design Lab 7-304 was one of the first to be equipped with a new sign. It hosts the college’s new SkyBayTech Electronics Manufacturing Technician program, which is developed around hands-on and project-based learning aligned with local industry need. Industry standards in electronics manufacturing are built into the program, and students are able to achieve an Electronics Assembly and Fabrication certificates.

In addition to the new Electronics Design Lab the Fabrication Lab 7-310, and Physics Lab 7-305 are also labeled. These new changes caught the attention of some faculty members on campus who specifically requested signage to be made for their space. Most recently Information Technology Services (ITS) asked the ERC to create a sign for them as well (see pictures below).

The students Paul-Frederik Schubert & Jonathan Mariano-Smith used the design program Corel Draw to draft the letters. They used acrylic for the signs and the laser cutter in the Fab Lab, to create them.

The Engineering and Robotics Club meets every Friday at 1 p.m. in the Fab Lab 7-310. Just drop by if you’d like to join and learn more about Design, Engineering, Electronics, and Fabrication. You can join our Discord server as well.

Are you interested in a custom laser-cut sign for your area? Please contact club advisor Marco Wehrfritz, As always, all signage needs to be approved by CIP (Capital Improvement Projects) through your Dean. So please work with your Dean to bring your signage ideas to CIP for approval.

Article by Marco Wehrfritz, Jonathan Mariano-Smith & Paul-Frederik Schubert | Photos taken by Jairo Barreto, Marco Wehrfritz

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