Science and Research Club BASFOn November 3, 2018, the Skyline College Science and Research Club hosted a table featuring an interactive DNA isolation activity at the fifth annual Bay Area Science Festival held at AT&T park in San Francisco.

During this event, over 1000 people visited their interactive experiment. For the past month, the Science and Research Club met to budget, plan and create an exciting, hands-on experiment of DNA isolation from fruits and vegetables. The experiment was meant to highlight the educational interactions that Skyline College students have with science and learning on campus. In this respect, Skyline College was in good company, while they were one of the few community college at this well known yearly event, other research clubs representing Stanford, UC Berkeley, and UCSF were also present. When the students were not manning their booth, they were participating and talking with students from other campuses and saw how their research interests align with those of other schools. The Science and Research Club is rightfully proud to represent Skyline College in promoting an appreciation of science to everyone in the Bay Area.

The Science and Research Club also assisted the biotechnology manufacturing class from Carlmont High School that held their table at BASF as well. Skyline College has a dual enrollment class in biotechnology manufacturing at Carlmont High School. At their booth, the Carlmont biotechnology students presented “Kinetic Sand” to BASF attendees. In this activity, the Carlmont students stressed the need for good measurements and mixing in an experiment in order to observe the emergent properties of “Kinetic Sand”. The high school students also got to interact with our club members and learn what it is really like being a STEM student at Skyline College.

If you like fun events like this, the Science and Research Club officers would like to welcome new members to join and become part of their team. They invite proactive STEM learners to participate in volunteer activities and career development opportunities. Your involvement will help continue to provide quality experiences for the campus and community.

Mark your calendars! Here are a few upcoming announcements: Expanding Your Horizons on March 2019, “Folding Microscope” and the Skyline College Research Symposium in May 2019 are just some of the exciting events that the Science and Research Club will participate in next year.


Article by Yvette Dothy & Anne Lacsamana  | Photo by Nick Kapp

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