RTSB Hip Hop CounselingAs a result of the global and racial pandemic that has impacted our communities of color, it is evident that there are challenges and inequities that are amplified in our educational systems.  While it is important to address these inequities, we cannot forget to celebrate and acknowledge the resilience, the strength, and the joy that our youth and students bring into our educational spaces.  How do we begin to move from the metaphorical shelter-in-place to space of infinite possibilities?

Rock The School Bells is hosting a webinar on Friday, March 19, from 10:00 am-1:30 pm titled, “Get Free: Creating Space of Infinite Possibilities through Hip Hop Based Counseling Practices.”  This free event will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn about the phenomenal work by counseling professionals who utilize Hip Hop based counseling practices in various settings such as K-12, college counseling, and community-based counseling that meaningfully centers the lives and experiences of their youth and students.

In addition, there will be three different breakout tracks (K-12, College, and Community-Based counseling) that will allow attendees to connect, collaborate, learn from, and share ways in which they have utilized Hip Hop to inform their counseling practices working with youth and students.

Drawing from our overall theme of “Space of Infinite Possibilities”, we aimed to address questions such as:

  • How will our curricular content and pedagogical approaches change and adapt when we purposefully center our students’ voices and experiences?
  • How are we redefining our counseling spaces to serve and support our students equitably?
  • How are we addressing challenges our students are facing as a result of the racial and environmental pandemic?  How are we meaningfully highlighting and uplifting our students’ strengths and cultural capital to address these challenges?
  • What can higher education institutions learn from Hip Hop culture and education in regards to social-emotional learning in a virtual space?
  • In what ways are we creating a space for students to dream big and dream out loud? What kind of space are we creating to allow for creative expression and entrepreneurial thinking?

If you are interested in attending, sign up for free at bit.ly/hiphopcounseling.

For more information, please contact info@rocktheschoolbells.com or visit our website at www.rocktheschoolbells.com.

Article written by  Nate Nevado

Flyer Design by David Nguyen

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