Rock The School Bells (RTSB) is honored to have been invited to join community youth events in South San Francisco that promote critical thinking and healthy lifestyles through Hip Hop education. Two main events that have taken place recently are the unveiling of a community mural at South San Francisco High School and the Hip Hop, Health & Fitness event held at Physique Magnifique fitness club.


Photo caption: Community mural at South San Francisco High School created by youth leaders of the Emerging Leaders Program.

The Emerging Leaders Program at South San Francisco High School in partnership with the Pacifica Conflict & Resolution Center provide youth with a space to learn about community issues and social justice. The youth applied their education and chose to fundraise to create a community mural at the South San Francisco High School campus. The mural which was conceptualized and produced by youth and community members, many of who are past RTSB attendees and contributors, communicates messages of community, social justice and empowerment. Melanie Espinueva, Skyline College Counselor, and Lucy Perez, Skyline College Counseling Intern, were both present for the mural unveiling. Special thanks to Gustavo Lopez and Matthew Ledesma of SSFHS for the invitation.RockBells2

Photo caption: Top row: Skyline College staff and faculty tabled at Hip Hop, Health & Fitness to speak to the youth and community about Skyline College programs and services. Bottom row: Nate Nevado and the Urban Youth Society supporting the message of community involvement and healthy lifestyles.

Rock The School Bells also tabled at a youth community event held in downtown South San Francisco that promoted healthy lifestyles. The event was called Hip Hop, Health & Fitness and many community organizations were present to speak about resources available to youth. Skyline College staff and faculty including counselors, Nate Nevado and Melanie Espinueva, as well as Outreach Coordinator, Florentino Ubungen, were present to table on behalf of RTSB and Skyline College. Skyline College students from the Urban Youth Society were also present as event performers to promote Hip Hop education and higher learning.

RTSB looks forward to engaging in more community events to promote higher learning through the cultural lens of Hip Hop.

Article by Melanie Espinueva, Photos by Melanie Espinueva and Nate Nevado.