Roadtrip NationOn Wednesday, October 16, 2019, a very special green RV made an appearance at Skyline College to share a career exploration resource: Roadmap to Careers by Roadtrip Nation. Over 130 students attended and were empowered to identify their interests and discover which career pathways align with their unique ambitions and skills. Skyline College was one of the two Bay Area colleges to be selected thanks to the collaborative efforts of Lavinia Zanassi, Career Counselor.

For 15 years, Roadtrip Nation has made it their mission to meet with professionals of every kind and ask the questions that no one is asking—honest questions about their struggles, successes, and how they figured out the age-old dilemma: “What should I do with my life?” Students have access to a digital product that combines labor market data with Roadtrip Nation’s library of thousands of candid video interviews.

The four “Roadies” that arrived with the RV said, “This has been one of the best stops on our tour”. They also commented on the wonderful diversity of the students, faculty and staff. One student commented, “Wow, there is actually a list of people in the industry and it shows how they got to where they are. I found it to be very different and helpful. I will definitely look more into this website!” Congratulations to student Cosette Claybaugh who was selected as the winner of a $100 Bookstore gift card.

If you are working with a student who is still exploring career options and could benefit from this tool or from a one-on-one career counseling appointment, fill out a referral form. If you would like see the Roadtrip Nation website, use the special code: SKYCC19.

It took a village to make this day happen and special thanks goes out to the event organizers and everyone involved: Lavinia Zanassi, Kenny Gonzalez, Jose Milan, Luis Escobar, John Doctor, Jim Vangele, Cherie Colin, Connor Fitzpatrick, Annie Trinh, Soe Hlaing, Paul Cassidy, Tom Bauer, Roxanne Brewer and Kevin Chak.

Article by Kenny Gonzalez | Photo by Soe Hlaing

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