reuse hubAs a result of being awarded a President’s Innovation Fund grant for their commitment to sustainability, the Environmental Club is organizing a station in The Learning Center to provide accessibility for reusable office and school materials. The ReUSE Hub allows students to easily pick up any school supplies needed for their academic success and/or bring some of their own to donate for the benefit of others.

The ReUSE Hub is designed to be a useful resource for the campus community and promotes the important ethic of reuse. Unused school supplies/ office supplies can be thrown away into waste streams and lose potential to be a valuable resource for a student. In the interest of student equity and campus sustainability, the aim of the ReUSE Hub is to divert school supplies from landfills and provide access to the school and office supplies necessary for the transformative process of learning at Skyline College.

This exciting, new venture will kick off on Friday, May 5, 2017. The ReUSE Hub will be located to the left of 5-102 in The Learning Center. Items welcome for donation include:  binders, calculators, rulers, notebooks, folders, one-sided clean paper, pens, pencils, scissors, art supplies, and other office supplies.

For questions or comments regarding the ReUSE Hub, please contact Dainen Bocsary at:

Share your unused school/art/office supplies with others through the ReUSE Hub or pick up something of value for FREE!

Article by Chanel Daniels & Joseph Armas | Photo by Joseph Armas