On Thursday, October 19, 2017, millions of Californians will “Drop, Cover and Hold On” in the Great California ShakeOut – the largest annual earthquake drill!

As proud participants who put students first, Skyline College will be conducting evacuation drills on Thursday, October 19 at 11:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m.

What you need to do:

  1. At around 11:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m., all faculty, staff and students will be reminded of the drill time through an AlertU text message (for all registered cell phones), and SMCCCD DPS twitter. Please encourage your students to sign up for the AlertU text messages and follow SMCCCD DPS on twitter. Faculty and staff should do so also.
  2. At 11:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m. the Emergency Announcement System will be activated with an announcement “Drop, Cover and Hold On” for one minute. Stay calm and follow instructions. If you do not hear the announcement, proceed to “Drop, Cover, and Hold On” for one minute.
  3. While under cover on the floor, look up and around for objects that could become hazardous in a real earthquake.
  4. After one minute, look around for anyone who needs assistance.
  5. Evacuate your class outside, to the nearest parking lot away from buildings and tall objects. Make certain your classroom is empty. Building Captains will assist in evacuating the building.
  6. Once everyone is out of the buildings and safe in parking lots, the Emergency Announcement System will announce an “ALL CLEAR” message. You may then return to your classrooms.

Major earthquakes may happen anywhere in California and the Great ShakeOut is a chance to be more prepared. For more information visit: http://www.shakeout.org/california/index.html.

Please contact the Dept. of Public Safety if you have any questions.

Article by MCPR

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