Regina MorisonSkyline College financial aid director Regina Morrison has been selected as the winner of the President’s Excellence in Leadership Award.

Through her leadership, advocacy and support Regina has been empowering and transforming the lives of students, faculty, staff and community partners of Skyline College for the past 20 years. Regina exemplifies what it means to be a great educator, an aspiring leader and a noble mentor. As the director of the financial aid office, Regina aims to educate all students about the ever-changing landscape of financial aid – no easy task. She is always thinking of ways to implement policy changes as seamlessly as possible to prevent disruption of services to the students and she continues to seek out services to best support student success.  She is continuously seen collaborating with various entities on campus, working towards the greater good of the college community.

Regina’s staff are always prepared when it comes to implementing new programs or a new collaboration project. She leads by example and inspires focus and forward thinking that puts the students first. Leaders like Regina inspire us to think of new ways to promote open access to higher education and attainment of student success.

In this inaugural year of the Excellence in Leadership Award, other nominees were David Reed, manager of the Learning Center, and Mary Gutierrez, dean of Language Arts/Learning Resources. Congratulations to David and Mary, and well done Regina Morrison!

About The President’s Excellence in Leadership Award

The President’s Excellence in Leadership Award was designed to specifically recognize members of the Skyline College administration who embody the standards of excellence that guide the mission of this college. The award mirrors awards already given to both faculty and classified staff, and underscores the importance of recognizing exceptional work and dedication at every level of our campus community.

This year, and in the years that follow, the award will aim to remind the campus community of what  the administration is committed to do in order to serve students, faculty, staff and the community. In addition to being a source of pride and acknowledgement of above-and-beyond work, Dr. Regina Stanback Stroud hopes this award will situate people to strive for even higher recognition.

Asked about the award, Dr. Stanback Stroud said, “It is my hope to leave a legacy that results in the honor and respect of the administration, faculty, staff and the community we serve that goes far beyond whoever happens to be in this office.”