REBOUND tells the story of two women separated by decades and starkly different circumstances who rebound from incarceration. They each overcome their years of addiction and abuse to pursue the promise of higher education. These aspiring scholars navigate parole, raising young children, and self-healing to find acceptance, sisterhood, and hope for a new life.

In her new documentary airing on PBS, Director|Producer and Skyline College Film Professor Tamara Perkins, builds on the theme of life after incarceration she explored in her 2018 film “Life After Life” which follows the stories of three men as they return home from San Quentin State Prison. REBOUND takes us into the lives of 56-year-old Laura Murray and young single parent Isabella Quevedo as they follow new pathways following incarceration.

“All of my films are about connecting people and inviting folks to have a personal connection with those most impacted by systemic barriers to living healthy and prosperous lives,” says director Tamara Perkins. “In the US, the fastest growing rate of incarceration is among women. As Laura says in the film, ‘women have very different pathways to crime.’ They are more often associated with abuse, trauma, and survival. This is still not truly acknowledged or addressed.”


SAVE THE DATE! Watch Party Sunday, Oct 10 at 12p PST / 3p EST.

A watch party is planned for an encore broadcast of ‘Rebound’ on October 10 at noon. Perkins, and Laura and Isabella from the film will be live chatting and available to talk with viewers.

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Tamara Perkins is an award-winning filmmaker and changemaker focused on documentaries that inspire transformative change through dialogue, healing and advocacy. Pulling from her work in restorative justice as a grief support facilitator, speaker and nonprofit director, she founded Apple of Discord Productions in 2006. Connecting media, activism and healing, she developed programs such as the Wisdom Project and San Quentin Media Project, which trained at-risk youth and incarcerated men in filmmaking as a tool for transformation.

Tamara’s film Life After Life (2018) began in her yoga class inside San Quentin State Prison when the men asked her to tell their story, and continues to be a catalyst for learning and advocacy nationally. As a crime survivor and justice impacted family member, this film is both especially meaningful and provides an often-overlooked proximity to storytelling. Her upcoming films, Clarissa’s Battle and Rebound, were each similarly inspired by a personal connection to the subject matter. Delving into screenwriting, her recent script melds present day social, moral, and ethical questions with a Woman-driven SciFi Thriller. As a national speaker, Tamara’s repertoire spans from filmmaking to prison issues and human rights. Notable partners include ACLU, Southern Poverty Law Center, Stanford Law and the Houston Institute for Race and Justice at Harvard Law. She is a recipient of the National Council on Crime and Delinquency’s Media for a Just Society Award. Tamara received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts and is an adjunct faculty at St. Mary’s College of California and Skyline College.


“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.” — C.S. Lewis

In the end, no one wins when our returning citizens do not succeed.” — Melba V. Pearson, Deputy Director, American Civil Liberties Union of Florida


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Article by Chris Burwell-Woo

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