Re:// Fresh – Re:// Imagine – Re:// Invent – Re:// Educate – Re:// Claim – Re:// Mix: Rock the School Bells 11 around the corner! Saturday, March 10, 2018

Rock the School Bells is back for its 11th year with a new team, and a new approach to our conference, but still with the same legacy, heart, and passion for Hip Hop Education!

In this new decade, we’re bringing it back to the basics. We are RE://Imagining the foundations of Hip Hop and its impact on our youth. Today, more than ever we need to RE://turn home to the elements that anchor Hip Hop Education. At the same time, let’s RE://Fresh on the work we do so we can RE://Energize our students, our communities, and most importantly, ourselves.
We welcome all students, educators, community organizers, activists, artists, and all of the like to join us as we take it back to the foundations and essential framework on why it is important to utilize a culture such as Hip Hop to connect with our students, clients, youth, and most importantly – one another!

To register for the RTSB11 conference, please visit and head to the “Registration” page!

A great way to see behind the scenes and network! We cannot be a success without our amazing volunteers. If you’re interested in joining the RTSB Volunteer team, please visit and head to the “Volunteer” page!

Article by Kim Davalos



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