The 2nd Discover Puente Day took place on Wednesday, Sept. 27. In collaboration with the Puente Project, the Outreach department hosted the Herman@s C2C program at Skyline College.

The Hermana@s C2C program serves Latino and Latina youth who are juniors and seniors from South San Francisco High School. This year 53 students from South San Francisco High school were transported to Skyline College to shadow the life of a Puente college student for the day.

Students started their day with a nice breakfast from Panera bread and a motivational welcome from Jorge Murillo, EOPS Program Coordinator, and former Hermano and Skyline College Puente student.

Students then shadowed the Puente English 105 classes. During this time they were able to interact with Puente students, discuss stereotypes, as well as share insights about college expectations.

Students then attended Dr. Rios’s Call to Consciousness College Lecture Series where they learned more about his personal educational journey and received motivational advice on setting and achieving goals.

Herman@s C2C students were then given some time to eat lunch at the Sky Café, walk around, and visit the Low Rider Exhibit in the Skyline College Art Gallery. At the end of the day students were entered in a raffle and took home Skyline College gear from the Bookstore.

Students who attended Puente Shadow day enjoyed their experiences, and went back to South San Francisco High School excited about their memorable experiences.

Students provided feedback that, “I learned to strive instead of being a dreamer” and “These types of events are very inspiring and give you a lot of insight into new topics.”

The outreach department at Skyline College has hosted the Puente Shadow day for the second year in a row to create a space where high school students can envision themselves in a college setting. This event would not have been possible without the support from Lasana Hotep, Dean of Equity and Support Programs and leadership from Lauren Ford, College Recruiter.

Thank you to the Puente Project team for your continued support and collaboration with the Herman@s C2C program.

Article by Lauren Ford and Liliana Rivera |Photo Credit: Liliana Rivera

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