puente mentor mixerOn the evening of February 24, 2020, Puente had its first Mentor Mixer of the year in the Skyline College Multicultural Center. Mentors and mentees from the Puente cohort met to engage in two fun activities, a fishbowl conversation exercise as well as a building challenge activity with connector joints (kindly loaned to Puente from STEM’s Maryam Khan and Marco Wehrfritz) where groups built a structure that would hold the maximum number of books.

The mixer allowed students to connect with a variety of mentors in an informal setting, converse about success strategies, as well as think more deeply about how to address challenges. Groups had fun with the building challenge and came up with great strategies they were able to share with each other in the fishbowl activity.

The event was a wonderful opportunity for students to talk to and work with mentors and to reinforce the concepts of interdependence learned in the COUN 100 class. 

Puente is so very grateful for its amazing mentors!

Article by Dino Garcia | Photo by Lucia Lachmayr

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