puente orientationOn September 8, Puente held its Mentorship Orientation as well as first Mentor Mixer of the academic year. Approximately 50 students and more than 50 mentors were paired up in order to provide our students with a resource in the professional world, one who will help guide and support them in their academic journeys.

With two cohorts, Puente hosted twice as many people as last year, which was energizing but chaotic as each mentor-mentee pair had to find each other with similar “paired characters” as they made their way through a very large crowd. The pairs finally met and sat down and talked, using Loteria cards as conversation starters. Groups then brainstormed ways to maximize the mentoring experience. It was incredibly inspiring looking around and seeing all of the wonderful students interacting with the wealth of social capital from campus faculty and staff as well as a considerable number of community mentors. The Puente students are incredibly grateful for the amazing mentors who so generously share of their time and energy!

Article by Lucia Lachmayr | Photo by Melanie Espinueva