Movies-for-Mental-Health-BannerSkyline College Psychological Services, along with Art With Impact, will host “Movies for Mental Health” on Wednesday, September 17 from 11:15am-1:15pm in Building 6, Room 6202. The event will screen several short films, followed by a guided discussion with local mental health experts and an open conversation with the audience. Lunch will be provided and participation slips are available.

Art With Impact makes available some of the very best in short films inspired by the knowledge that film is a powerful tool for creating connections and getting conversations started. Their mission is to connect people to global issues through art and media and provide opportunities to share their voices, time and talent in meaningful ways. The ultimate goal is to translate the powerful sense of possibility a viewer experiences immediately after a moving film into clear opportunities to act and concrete ways to engage.

The Movies for Mental Health event at Skyline College is a unique opportunity to experience great art with a clearly defined purpose and to engage with professionals in the field of mental health. Students can expect to see groundbreaking short films, experience enriching discussion, and get connected with volunteer opportunities that may help to shape their perspectives on mental health issues.

Event Details:
Movies for Mental Health
Wednesday, September 17
11:15 a.m. – 1:15 p.m.
Building 6, Room 6202
Skyline College
Lunch Provided

Article by Connor Fitzpatrick