Sparkpoint Workshop FlyerMoney is one of the most stressful topics for most people regardless of age, income, background or financial history. SparkPoint at Skyline College can ease the pain! Specializing in financial education and personalized financial coaching, free for both students and non-enrolled members of the community, SparkPoint at Skyline College presents Financial Education workshops throughout Fall 2014 at Skyline College.  Serving both students and residents of San Mateo County, the workshops cover topics ranging from:

  • Banking
  • Building Savings
  • Money Management and Budgeting
  • Credit and Identity Theft

Learn to set financial goals, create budgets, identify attitudes towards money and savings, and explore how to identify predatory financial services. Attendees will gain information and tools to increase positive financial behaviors for personal and academic success.

A special thanks to all staff, faculty, and student service programs for promoting this semester’s financial education workshops to our students.

SparkPoint presents financial education workshops in the English Language Institute, Bldg 1, Room 1218, once per month. Certificates of completion are available for all attendees.  For more information, please visit the SparkPoint at Skyline College website:

Article by Melanie Espinueva