Promise Scholarship Counselor Ivan Silva was chosen as one of the winners of the Board of Governors Hayward Award.

This state-wide award in excellence in education honors four faculty members who demonstrated a commitment to the principles of the California Community Colleges. Ivan’s commitment to serving and empowering students from diverse backgrounds and his devotion to community college as an open-access education system was amply evidenced in his application and the support letters from his nominators.

Some of the evidence of educational leadership that earned Ivan the recognition include the group counseling curriculum for the Promise Scholars Program that focused on high-needs students he developed with his team of counselors in Spring 2018. Ivan’s contributions to the College Comprehensive Redesign was also a winning factor, which resulted in the development of a redesigned Counseling “Getting In” process for all new-incoming Skyline College students.

The Counseling Division showed strong support for the nomination of Ivan throughout the selection process. This comes as no surprise when his colleagues describe him  as a collaborator, a joy to work with as a colleague and the first listener to his team.

From Skyline College, Jude Navari from the Music Department was nominated by the local Academic Senate as the full-time nominee and Ivan Silva as the part-time nominee.

Article by Rika Yonemura-Fabian

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