PEP CollageOn April 23, 2016, and May 14, 2016, the Outreach Office hosted Priority Enrollment Program (PEP) Days.  Combined, the PEP Days assisted over 160 students with the completion of their steps to successful matriculation.

Participants, affectionately referred to as PEPsters, were greeted with breakfast and an official Skyline College t-shirt to promote school spirit.  After a warm welcome from Will Minnich, Dean of Enrollment Services, and Luis Escobar, Dean of Counseling, students either attended Orientation or Assessment Testing.  PEPsters enjoyed pizza for lunch and had the opportunity to engage with current students, faculty, and staff during the Resource Fair. A few lucky PEPsters even won more Skyline College swag, graciously donated by Kevin Chak, Bookstore Manager, during our lunchtime raffle.  After lunch, students completed the remainder of their steps including counseling appointments to receive an abbreviated SEP and their first semester of recommended courses.  In between counseling appointments PEPsters attended workshops on the Promise Scholarship, Summer Scholars Institute, Financial Aid, Transfer Center, and even a campus tour.

Many thanks to everyone who assisted with both days!

Resource Fair Participants: Kwame Thomas, Nathan Jones, Carlos Cuna, Rachel Zabaneh, Troy Barros, Josie Glenn, Sam Sanchez, Jorge Murillo, Lesley Bode, Leitu Takapu, Will Sapigao, Tia Holiday, Elizabeth Tablan, Marisa Thigpen, Kristina Brower, Emma Briones, Nick Kapp, Monique Hernandez, Jesse Raskin (and Legal Studies Students), Karen Lai and Phi Theta Kappa, Alice Erskine, Nate Nevado, Liza Erpelo, Marlboro Bato, and the Associated Students of Skyline College.

Workshop Presenters: Lesley Bode, Jocelyn Vila, Lucy Perez, Nate Nevado, Liza Erpelo, Marlboro Bato, Melanie Espinueva, Lucia Lachmayr, Alina Varona

Counseling Faculty: Alberto Santellan, Melissa Komadina, Javier Urena, Lorraine DeMello, Lou Ferguson, Kim Burks, Andrea Anyawu, Jose Calderon, Tim Dupre, Kent Gomez, Lucy Perez, Will Sapigao, Jessica Lopez, Liliana Rivera, Kwame Thomas, Melanie Espinueva

Staff: Will Minnich, Luis Escobar, Grace Beltran, Jocelyn Vila, Lauren Ford, Eric Imahara, Vitoria Goncalves, Henry, Huang, Kristy Nguyen, Marta Cuellar, Kevin Chak, Vinny Samujh, Tao Liu, Robin Alim, Joseph Jaballa, Martin Marquez, Guillermo Alonzo, Carolina Avalos, Jackie Flores

Article by Lauren Ford