April was a busy month of outreach for the English language Institute (ELI). The ELI promoted Skyline College to over 90 adult school students at Jefferson, South San Francisco and San Mateo Adult Schools.

The ELI also welcomed more than 100 ESL students from South San Francisco and Westmoor high schools as part of their campus tour organized by Lauren Ford and the outreach department.

Fifty four adult school and high school ESL seniors attended the English Language Institute’s bi-annual ESL Registration Event on April 28.

Based on the feedback, an overwhelming majority of the attendees appreciated the step-by-step assistance with the Skyline College enrollment process all done in one day.

It was great to have ESOL student volunteers, Christine Aguirre, Jessielyn  Pil and Thant Win, assist with the application and registration tables.

ELI student assistants, Khoaula Aissaoui, Thet Thet Aung and Carlos Acuna, skillfully managed the application, orientation and counseling stations.

The ELI also appreciates the excellent team work of our Skyline College ESL Registration Day staff: Erinn Struss, Leigh Anne Shaw, Minerva Velasquez, Kenny Gonzalez, Adriana Johnston, Jacky  Ip, Ursula Rocca, Goldie Lee, Stephen Reichert and Stacy Nojima.

Special  thanks to  the staff  from Sparkpoint, Dream Center, Financial Aid,   ESOL department, South San Francisco & Jefferson Adult school  who hosted resource tables and provided valuable information to the new students.

Article and Photos by Mylene Foo

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