Every year, the Academic Senate selects one or more recipients of the Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award. This award was established by former Science/Math/Technology faculty Phil Meyer to honor the contributions of faculty in their first five years of hiring who demonstrate excellence in teaching, on/off campus activities, and overall collegiality. Last year’s joint recipients were Chris Gibson and Amber Steele.

Nominations may be made by faculty, staff, or administrators. Multiple nominations for the same people or multiple people will be accepted. Nominations are due by April 29, 2015. The Academic Senate will select a winner of the award at its meeting on May 14 and will announce the winner at the May 15 End of Year Celebration.

The following faculty members are eligible for the 2015 Meyer Excellence in Teaching Award:

Year Hired Name
2010 Stephen Fredericks
2010 Tina Watts
2011 Amber Steele
2011 Carmen Velez de Jesus
2011 Christopher Gibson
2011 David Hasson
2011 Edmund Yee
2011 Zachary Bruno
2012 Jessica Lopez Jimenez
2012 Melissa Matthews
2012 Sarita Santos
2012 Nathan Jones
2012 Jesse Raskin
2013 Carina Antilla-Suarez
2013 Amir Esfahani
2013 Paul Bridenbaugh
2013 Julia Johnson
2013 Kym Jackson
2013 Tammy Calderon
2013 Carmen Richardson
2013 Bruce Greenstein
2013 Paula Silva
2013 Robert Williams
2013 Serena Chu-Mraz
2013 Younga Choi
2013 Phillip Williams
2013 Michelle Hawkins
2013 Adam Windham
 Ijaz Ahmed
Michael Cross
Carla Grandy
Jessica Hurless
Ruben Parra
Mustafa Popal
Danielle Powell
John Ulloa
Ronda Wimmer
Hellen Zhang

Nominations may be made by filling out the nominations form, which will appear in all faculty e-mail inboxes.

Please send all nomination forms and letters of recommendation to Leigh Anne Shaw at shawl@smccd.edu or Nick Kapp at Kapp@smccd.edu. Thank you for acknowledging the hard work that our new hires do.

Article by Leigh Anne Shaw