Nissan TrainingThe week of March 11, 2019, Nissan sponsored a specialized program to teach the trainer for Nissan Technical Training Academy (NTTA) and Infinity Technical Training Academy (ITTA) schools. This took place at their main training facility in Franklin, Tennessee.

Program coordinator and professor Tom Broxholm along with professor Ruben Parra participated along with 28 other professors from across the country who are in the NTTA and ITTA program. Our partnership with Nissan provides our students with advantages such as access to on-line technical training, internships and a tuition reimbursement program up to $6000. This is a fantastic opportunity for our students and our Automotive Technology program.

Some of the specialized training involved fully electric vehicles, variable compression engines and semi-autonomous self-steering systems. The training also included technology that can prevent accidents such as blind spot detection and automatic braking systems.

Nissan of America has committed tremendous resources to this program and we are proud to be part of it. More information about the NTTA/ITTA program can be found at:

Article by Thomas G. Broxholm

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