New Staff and Staff Changes at Skyline College

Once a month, Skyline Shines will highlight staff changes at the college. “New Staff and Staff Changes at Skyline College” will provide a list of new staff members in each division, including transfers and detail positions. Please be sure to email with any new members of your staff and they will be featured here at the end of the month. Join us in congratulating the following employees!

June-October Staff Changes:

  • Derek Allenby
    Career Resources/Counseling Aide
    Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development
  • Sirreck Brown-Smith
    Staff Assistant
    Equity Institute
  • Christopher Collins
    Distance Education Coordinator
    Academic Support and Learning Technologies
  • Araceli Arias Cuevas
    Office Assistant II (Middle College)
    Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development
  • Rachel Cunningham
    Instructor, Geography
    Social Science/ Creative Arts
  • Lynsey Hemstreet
    Cosmetology Instructor
    Business, Education and Professional Program
  • Joseph Jaballa
    Program Services Coordinator
  • Aditi Joshi
    Biology Instructor
    Science, Technology, Engineering & Math
  • Danni Redding Lapuz
    Interim Vice President of Instruction
    Office of the Vice President of Instruction
  • Margaret Leary
    Admissions & Records Assistant III
    Enrollment Services
  • Elizabeth Llamas
    Personal Counselor
  • Zahra Mojtahedi
    Senior Research Analyst
    Planning/Research/ Institutional Effectiveness
  • Joseph Morello Jr.
    Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Kaung Naing
    Office Assistant II (Assessment/Counseling)
  • Muang Pharn
    Office Assistant II (Passport Acceptance Facility)
    Global Learning Programs and Services
  • Nicole Porter
    Acting Dean of SS/CA
    Social Science/Creative Arts
  • Carmen Towler
    Retention Specialist
    Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development
  • Linda Truong
    Project Director
    Strategic Partnerships & Workforce Development
  • Guadalupe Vozar
    Office Assistant II (Passport Acceptance Facility)
  • Lauren Wagner
    Admissions & Records Assistant III
    Enrollment Services
  • Tammy Wong
    Program Services Coordinator – STEM

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