bookstore skylineWelcome to fall 2019 semester and hope you have a great start at Skyline College!

This past summer, a cross-district team worked on updating the Skyline College Bookstore website to be more responsive and user friendly, which allows students to browse quickly on different devices. This crucial, high-traffic website is a common touch point for many students, so it is essential that their online experience is seamless and streamlined. The new website design simplifies the often-cluttered layout of the old website, making it easier for students to find the products and information they are looking for, ensuring their purchasing experience is a positive one.

Students can now easily purchase Skyline College merchandise, goods, and textbooks and obtain information about the services Skyline College’s Bookstore provides. The new design is more accessible, allows users of assistive technology equal access to the site, and guarantees a more equitable experience while browsing.

We hope to continue to develop the Bookstore website to serve the best to our campus community. Special thanks to Bryan Besnyi, Kevin Chak and Soe Hlaing for their effort in modernizing the Bookstore website. Do not forget to check out our new Skyline College Bookstore website!

Article by Bryan Besnyi and Soe Hlaing

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