1617 CLP CollageThis Spring 2017 semester has gotten several counselors off campus and into new offices – on our local high school campuses!

Through a collaboration with the Outreach Department and Counseling Division, students at five of our local feeder high school completed all of the steps of matriculation – application, orientation, assessment and counseling at their own high school campus.  These students received priority registration and a follow-up “How to Register” workshop led by our Campus Ambassadors.

Through campus-wide efforts to use multiple measures in placement, Counseling faculty were able to place the majority of students by using high school transcript information, external exam information or through guided self-placement measures.

The combination of campus-wide efforts to implement multiple measures and the ability to complete all the matriculation steps helped increase the number of students gain access to priority registration.  We were able to reach students that may not have been able to come to PEP because of work or may have otherwise waited to matriculate in August. By engaging students as early as February, they were able to get a clear roadmap of the next year of college.

We partnered with El Camino High School, South San Francisco High School, Oceana High School, Capuchino High School and Jefferson High School.

The overall number of students who participated was 216. Combined with PEP, Skyline College assisted 379 high school students in completing their steps to enrollment.  This is an increase of 118.75% from just hosting PEP alone. The goal of the program is to both start the college process with high school seniors earlier and reach out to students who may be at risk for not attending college at all.

A special thank you to the Counseling Faculty who assisted with the program, the student ambassadors and staff who managed the administrative components of the program, and the high school administrators and faculty who provided us the space and opportunity to support their students.

Article by Suzanne Poma and Lauren Ford | Photos by Suzanne Poma