International Business Courses FlyerSkyline College’s Global Learning Programs & Services (GLPS) Division and the Center for International Trade Development (CITD) Program announce the launching of three new International Business courses to begin in Spring 2017.  The courses are the first in a series of Global Trade and Logistics Fundamentals courses aimed to prepare students with the foundational skills required to manage the global exchange, movement and connection of information, people, products, and money from one part of the world to the other.

Students and workers who are new to the industry can take advantage of these first course offerings leading to the development of the foundational skills for entry-level jobs including import and export cargo agents, shipping and receiving traffic clerks, warehouse and inventory operations, and customer service representatives. Current workers can strengthen their skills and knowledge that can lead to mastery of their current jobs, promotions and transfers to new or different positions including trade, logistics, operations, warehousing, distribution, inventory, systems controls, and supply chain management for the public and private sector and government.

Students can enroll now!

To register visit WebSMART. New students can enroll here:

For questions, please contact:  Yvonne Reid, MS – Director, Center for International Trade Development, email:, T: 650-738-7098

Article by Yvonne Reid