websiteDr. Tony Jackson’s article titled “Slaying the Three-Headed Dragon; Spirit Healing from Memetic Infection,” has been published and appears in the South African journal Alternation. The title of series is: Alternation Special Edition 18 (2016) African Indigenous Knowledge Systems (AIKS) in Mental Health, African Literature, and Education. This special edition can be accessed online.

Dr. Jackson’s offering appears with notable authors and researchers like Dr. Wade Nobles, Dr. Lesiba Baloyi, Dr. Nhlanhla Mkhize, Dr. Julia Mutambara, and Dr. Zininzi Anele Bomoyi among others.  His article reflects some of his work in the area of innovative approaches to culturally relevant violence prevention/intervention.

The Alternation Journal: Interdisciplinary Journal for the Study of the Arts and Humanities in Southern Africa, is based in the University of Kwazulu-Natal.  Alternation is published every semester and each published work must go through an extensive peer review process including works refereed by at least two independent peer reviewers.

Article by T. Jackson