National Coming Out Day FlyerSAGA at Skyline College, in collaboration with the Intercultural Center, is organizing our annual National Coming Out Day event this Monday, 10/25 from 4PM – 5:30PM.

We will have panelists (consisting of Skyline College faculty, students, and community members) who are sharing their coming out stories from the intersection of gender, sexual, and racial/ethnic identities across various generations. Additionally, we are inviting community members from CSM SZA (Safe Zone Alliance) and Canada College Student Life to make this a District-wide collaboration event.

Through this event, we want to increase the visibility of the LGBTQI+ communities on campus, connect and strengthen our support system and celebrate the unique stories that people will bring to the table.


Please contact Allen Ocampo, at if you have any questions.

Article by Allen Ocampo

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