Amirah TullochSkyline College’s Model United Nations club comes home victorious from Diablo Valley College’s inaugural conference, VikingMUN I. Delegates at this conference were debating in three challenging committees, the large General Assembly of the United Nations which covered legality of Space Rights, John F. Kennedy’s EXCOMM meeting during the Cuban missile crisis, and the Second Continental Congress committee. Skyline College’s club won big in Second Continental Congress, with our newest delegate, Amirah Tulloch, bringing home the most prestigious and highest ranking award, Best Delegate.

In Amirah’s Second Continental Congress committee, delegates acted as representatives for the colonies, military officials on both sides, and other significant historical figures. In order to be successful in this fast-paced committee, delegates needed a strong understanding of the philosophical designs behind each of the governments of that time period and an understanding of cultural idiosyncrasies in the colonies. In addition an understanding the history before the start of the conflict between the patriots and the loyalists was essential to be successful in the committee.

Model United Nations, commonly referred as Model UN or MUN, requires students to role play as delegates representing countries, organizations, or historical figures of the United Nations and simulate UN committees, specialized bodies, or historically significant events, while concurrently building understanding of diplomacy, international relations, and parliamentary procedures of the real United Nations.

Amirah is a first year student at Skyline College, and she demonstrated her in-depth knowledge of American history, parliamentary procedure, and influential debate skills. She debated against students from several schools from the University of California, and students in neighboring and local Bay Area colleges. Amirah comes home victorious, bringing pride to Skyline College’s Model United Nations club and demonstrating a preview of what is to come at future conferences.

Article & Photo by Jonathan Gonzales