students at model unSkyline College’s Model United Nations club sent its largest delegation yet to UC Berkeley’s 21st collegiate model united nation’s conference, UCBMUN XXI. At this four-day conference, 12 students represented Skyline College in a heated weekend of debate, demands, compromise, and occasionally some corruption. Skyline College’s delegates participated in a vast array of committees from the giant General Assembly of the United Nations which took on Cyber Warfare and International Intervention in civil wars, to the fast paced Asian Financial Crisis of 1997 committee in which the delegates in this committee had to prevent a financial global catastrophe.

Skyline College delegates worked with and competed against hundreds of students from all over the world. From Harvard and Columbia, to southern schools such as University of Alabama, and as far away as Westminster International University in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Skyline College was introduced to a global student body. With such diverse representation, unique perspectives added powerful and vibrant energies onto the debate floors.

Article by Jonathan Gonzales | Photo by Khin Thar