Model UNStudents, faculty, and staff engaged in a Model United Nations event on Wednesday October 27. They also created a #ClimateRibbon art project with help from Andrea Fuentes (CTTL) and Alvin Gubatina (Student Life and Leadership).


The Climate Ribbon Project is an arts ritual to grieve what each of us stands to lose to Climate Chaos and affirm solidarity as we unite to fight against it.  Folks create their own ribbon, tie it on the display and others can read and take to wear if they want.


Model UN (MUN) students spoke about climate change and social justice.  The Model UN discusses international relations, global politics, and practice parliamentary debate in the style of the United Nations and participates in conferences with other colleges.


The Model UN meets every Monday at 6 pm Building 6 (Room 214) with Faculty Advisor Timothy Rottenberg.  Please feel free to come see what it is all about.

Article by Andrea Fuentes

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