While most students continue at Skyline College after high school graduation, the Middle College program does provide support and counseling services for seniors who are four-year college bound. For example, this year, the Middle College program has had students participate in the Berkeley Virtual Experience, a program designed to help first-generation, low-income, and/or students who have been historically underrepresented to succeed on the UC Berkeley campus. The program included a series of application workshops and information sessions that introduced both high school and transfer prospective students to the UC application and admissions process, as well as the UC Berkeley

undergraduate experience. Students learned how to craft a competitive application for UC admission, meet current students and alumni. They also receive support from the admissions staff even after the program ends to ensure that participants have a strong college application.

Here is what our Middle College participants had to say:

  • “I really enjoyed the Berkeley Virtual Experience, especially the student panel as it allowed me to learn about various perspectives and a lot of vital information such as details about the dorms, the diversity, different programs and I highly appreciated hearing advice from the students. The different perspectives including those of freshman and transfer students, and of many different backgrounds helped give a more accurate depiction of what the Berkeley experience would be like.” Frida Arguello
  • “The Berkeley Virtual Experience was amazing for me. The admission’s office that led our small groups was very kind and helpful. I am very glad that I had the opportunity to participate in this program because I was able to receive feedback on my application and facilitated envisioning myself on Berkeley’s campus.” Andrea Molina

  • “The program was extremely beneficial to my understanding of the UC application process, especially regarding the PIQ’s. The one-on-one session with an Admissions Officer was the most helpful to me, as it provided extensive and specific guidance in strengthening my PIQ’s.”Divina Moreno

This was a great opportunity for the Middle College seniors! “We look forward to celebrating their successes and to having future Middle College students participate in the Berkeley Virtual Experience.”

Article by Daniela Azuela

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