Micro Lab StudentsThis semester some of the Microbiology Laboratory Sections were able to meet in labs on campus.   Because of limited size and scheduling, these visits were limited to 3 *Validation exercises.   Validations were limited to activities that met the Student Learning Outcomes that could not be performed at home using simulations, scenarios or prepackaged “At Home Labs”.  Students came to campus to practice using the Microscopes, staining and counting cells.   In the picture, Isabell and Lissett try to explain, at a distance, how Victor places the cell culture on a slide for observation. Even though this coming semester will see reduced and limited face-to-face instruction, we feel it is best for the students to demonstrate that they can work in a safe manner and still complete their studies. We are looking forward to opening the campus again in a measured and safe manner.

*Validation: the action of making or declaring something legally or officially acceptable.

Article by Nick Kapp

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