After a year of inquiry and work, the Design Team, in collaboration with the Meta-majors work team, presented four proposed Meta-majors at a campus-wide forum on Monday, September 25, 2017.

As one of the signature components of the Skyline College Promise, a Meta-major is…

  • A student-facing piece that presents information about majors, degrees and certificates with related coursework, in an easily accessible format for students.
  • Designed with a student’s end goal in mind and his/her interests as a starting point.
  • An integration of Student Services and instruction into a coherent, intentional and informed student experience.

When asked about the proposal of the Meta-majors work team, Design Team Co-Lead Carla Grandy stated, “It is exciting to see this part of Skyline College’s commitment to helping students ‘Get in, Get through and Graduate on time’ be revealed and receive positive feedback from the campus.”

If you were unable to make it to the forum, we still want to hear from you!

Visit the Meta-majors website:, view the four proposed Meta-majors and provide feedback by taking the short survey.

Together, we will help the college fulfill its promise to empower students to find success at every point in their educational journey.

Have additional questions? Please reach out to the Meta-majors & Guided Pathways co-leads: Lorraine DeMello, Luis Escobar, Carla Grandy, Mary Gutierrez, Jessica Hurless, Mustafa Popal and Jesse Raskin.

Article by Jessica Hurless | Photo by Mia Coo

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