meta majors preview dayOn August 11, 2018, Skyline College hosted the first Meta Majors Preview Day for new students where they learned about the Meta Majors, engage with instructional faculty, meet counselors within their success teams and complete the steps to enrollment. Students were also able to connect with campus resources and services, receive assistance with financial aid applications and support with course registration.

Dr. Angélica Garcia welcomed the students to campus and provided words of encouragement for the start of a new semester. Jessica Hurless kicked off the event with a fun balloon activity that emphasized the way in which the faculty, staff, and administration are available to help students throughout their time at Skyline College. Instructional faculty were present to lead engaging workshops to connect students to their Meta Majors. During the workshops, faculty also highlighted the common themes within each Meta Major, provided recommendations for student support services and shared their own personal college stories.
Arts, Languages & Communication
The Arts, Languages & Communication Meta Major workshop was facilitated by Jessica Hurless, Jude Navari and Luciana Castro. The faculty identified expression as the common theme that ran throughout all of the programs under the ALC MM. To truly connect the students to the “Expression” theme, the faculty challenged the students to a Project Runway-like fashion competition in which they had to use mixed materials to design and create a garment, incorporate both sound and movement and display words from different languages to describe their garment.

Business, Entrepreneurship & Management
Soledad McCarthy, Marv Steinberg and Angelica Gorostiza facilitated the Business, Entrepreneurship & Management Meta Major workshop, which introduced students to business foundations and ideas. Using only random items provided in a box students teamed together to create a new idea or product to “pitch” to investors (aka faculty).

Science, Technology & Health
Students in the Science, Technology & Health Meta Majors were led by Safiyyah Forbes, Carla Grandy, Nick Kapp and Gretchen Keys through a variety of experiments. Gretchen walked the students through the various STH programs, recommended supports and introduced the faculty, providing students with what to expect during the semester.

Society & Education
Kristina Brower, Kate Browne, Nicole Porter, Danni Redding Lapuz and Anthony Swanson led students through an Escape Room exercise to identify their meta major theme: Human Connection and is impact on education, law, history and social sciences. The discussion also uncovered students’ own concerns and fears about entering college and the positive impact of engaging with faculty members before the start of school to quell those fears and create a space of comfort and belonging.

Thanks to the planning committee and all involved in execution of Meta Major Preview Day. In addition to those listed above: Luis Escobar, Will Minnich, Delisle Warden, Grace Beltran, Jeremy Evangelista, Patty Mendoza, Connor Fitzpatrick, Nadia Tariq, Ana Gutierrez-Gamez, Suzanne Poma, Michelle Chee, Carlos Colombetti, Cliff Moss, Angelica Alvarez, Yatin Kumar, Athena Mendoza, Mary Caldeo, Sha’Rhonda Johnson and Lauren Ford who all contributed to the success of the event. In addition, thank you to Dr. Jennifer Taylor Mendoza and Christine Roumbanis for stopping by to show their support, and Kevin Chak for donating prizes. Finally, thank you to Roger Marcelo, Bryant Evans and Vinny Samujh for the media and logistical support needed to make this event a success!

Article by Lauren Ford | Photo by Grace Beltran

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