On March 6, 2023, Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) hosted their first Maker Monday event of the semester. Students that stopped by the Fabrication Lab, were able to make their own flashlights under the supervision of Lab Coordinator Marco Wehrfritz. A good turnout of students gained experience with soldering connection joints for their flashlight kits. To some of the 15 in attendance, it was their very first hands-on opportunity to learn a new skill working with circuits. They were excited, holding their own flashlight after succeeding the course.

Maker Mondays will be held at Skyline’s Fabrication Lab (FAB Lab) within Building 7 Room 7-310, every first Monday of the Month. Each event will help teach students hands-on learning with equipment the FAB Lab has to offer for student use. Lab Coordinator Marco Wehrfritz will be the advisor during these events, to help show students proper techniques and usage of equipment. The next event will be held on April 3rd, once students return from Spring Break. The focus of the upcoming event is teaching students how to make a 3D design in Tinkercad and how to print this on the 3D printers. 

Article by Aaron Torres Mendoza, Sean Ruiz, Marco Wehrfritz, Denise Hum, Emilie Hein | Photos by Marco Wehrfritz

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