On Wednesday, March 9, 2022, the reinvigorated MESA (Mathematics, Engineering, and Science Achievement) Center hosted an Open House event. Students participated in various social activities, explored academic and career opportunities with our newly appointed MESA Co-Directors Emilie Hein and Jing Folsom, and had the opportunity to connect with peers and other professionals in their field of interest.

The success of this Open House event was due, in large part, to the extensive outreach and networking done during Skyline College’s College Hour. Both events provided great opportunities for students to connect with our staff and learn about the MESA program, and the resources that it provides. .

MESA is a space supporting students who are currently taking courses in STEM-related fields. Located in Building 7, Room 7-309, it is surrounded by labs, staff/faculty offices, study spaces, and other resources; all instrumental in supporting student success and retention. Tutors are available for workshops and drop-in tutoring in coordination with professors for office hours and open labs.

By providing opportunities for students looking to get work experience, having a dedicated study center for support and building relationships, to academic and transfer counseling, MESA’s revitalization is another step and resource in that direction.

For more information about the MESA Program, please reach out to Co-Directors Jing Folsom (folsomj@smccd.edu) and Emilie Hein (heine@smccd.edu), or visit the website at: https://www.skylinecollege.edu/mesa/

Article by Kaileiani Louie | Photos by Emilie Hein & Jing Folsom

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