The Marketing, Communications & Public Relations office is working on an updated style guide which will be released in early January to assist in maintaining the college brand. There will be additional information on logo usage, advertising and promotions available, website standards and guidelines for creating publications.

Reminder: Looking for assistance with marketing materials, advertising, branding, event promotion or other marketing campaigns? Review the current MCPR Guidelines for initiating a project, fill out and submit an MCPR Request Form to Cherie Colin at Need more guidance or a meeting to brainstorm ideas, strategies, etc.? We are happy to meet with you to discuss and help define your goals, target market and best strategies for reaching that target market. Contact the Marketing, Communication & Public Relations Office for assistance. It is never too early to get started on promoting your event or program.

We look forward to assisting you in the New Year! Happy Holidays!

Article by Cherie Colin.