Mark Matsui at Career CenterOn Friday, October 10, Mark Matsui, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Community Colleges from the US Dept. of Education Office of Career, Technical and Adult Education, visited Lavinia Zanassi’s Career and Life Planning Class (CRER 137) in the Career Services Center while on a tour of the campus. Mark learned about some of the programs the Career Services Center offers such as Resume and Cover Letter workshops, Job Fairs, career counseling and career assessments.

Mark addressed the students in class and asked about their experience in CRER 137. Abby De Los Reyes, a student in the class, told Mark she believes CRER 137 is beneficial for students who have not yet declared a major as well as first year students, by offering career assessments to help them navigate their career and major options. Other students said they enjoyed learning about the career paths of successful people in different industries as they begin mapping their own career paths. The Career Services Center and Lavinia Zanassi’s CRER 137 class truly enjoyed speaking with Mark Matsui during his tour of Skyline College!

Article and photo by Brian Jenney