Please save the date for our annual celebration of March 4th taking place on Friday, March 3rd and start planning activities for the day!   

No, we do not get the day off! This is a professional development day to give each of us a chance to pause and focus on our own personal and professional growth – and consider how we are moving forward and “marching forth”!  

The day will begin with a recorded address from our President in the morning. The remainder of the day can be designed by you, your supervisor, or your entire unit. It can include job shadowing, team building activities, conversations, check-ins, or other professional development activities within your unit. We want us all to share our aspirations, career goals, and discuss what we are doing to make those dreams real. We spend so much time in service of others and this is our opportunity to take a day to be selfish – focus on you and your future!

This year, we will have t-shirts available for everyone in the college. Pick up your March 4th t-shirt on Friday, March 3, 2023, in the Marketing suite, Building 4, Room 4-329. Happy March 4th!

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