meet your major fair photosSkyline College’s Meet Your Major Fair held on Tuesday, November 8 proved to be a day spotlighting academic success and student engagement. Offered as a campus-wide meeting of programs and academic pathways, this year’s event brought together a large number of students, faculty and staff.  

Over 350 attendees learned about our academic offerings as Westmoor High School juniors and seniors joined Skyline College students as participants in an interactive investigation of college majors available to current and prospective learners. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive as students chatted, questioned and clarified their intended majors through face-to-face interactions with professors, and staff members.  Students were “edutained” by a variety of experiences showcasing academic options ranging from massage therapy to rock formations and from study abroad to digital photography or scientific inquiry.  

Workshops on financial literacy, career exploration, and CTE pathways were presented to our High School guests and all students were invited to capture and share these “major” moments through instagram photos, and button making.  Appreciative thanks are in order for all contributing divisions, and volunteers. Special thanks to Jose Milan, Nick Zuniga, Kristen Ersando, Lauren Ford, Andrea Vizenor and team, Shandra Thomas, Alex Kaplan, Daryan Chan, Chad Thompson, Raul Amaya and Skyline College Facilities for their rallying and on-the-spot effort. A 1963 vintage ice cream truck added a refreshing ending to the fair for all who redeemed a participant sticker card reminding them that “Meeting Your Major can be cool, smooth, and sweet because you’ll know when It’s It.”

Article by Lavinia Zanassi | Photo by Nicholas Zuniga