Lot E 1Dear Skyline College Faculty and Staff:

Skyline College Facilities and Public Safety Departments recently completed a thorough parking assessment and found the campus overall has approximately twice the code required number of ADA accessible parking spaces.  This demonstrates our commitment to our great community that we serve.   Additionally, the District worked with our permit authority, the Division of State Architect, to allow us to strategically locate the ADA accessible spaces in areas of highest use and need, rather than on a strict lot-by-lot basis, as is usual.   Representatives from the Skyline College DRC helped to identify the areas of highest need for placement of ADA accessible parking during the CIP II planning process.

Lot E 2There are currently 14 non-code compliant parking spaces designated as ADA Accessible spaces in Parking Lot E, south of Building One.  These non-code compliant spaces were not included in the above mentioned  inventory.  Because these spaces are not code compliant, their use may expose individuals to hazards associated with steep grades and a path of travel across the active traffic areas and loading dock.  Therefore, the existing ADA parking signs will be removed in the coming weeks.  The majority of these 14 spaces will be returned to standard permit parking.   A few spaces will be designated for special permits issued by departments with high levels of community visitors.

We plan to complete this by the end of November, 2013.

As always, we will communicate updates accordingly and appropriately.  If you have any questions, please contact John Doctor, Facility Manager, Skyline College at 650-738-4166 or doctorj@smccd.edu.