Pictured: Environment Economics Professor Masao Suzuki checks out the new graphic novel adaptation of Frank Herbert’s Dune with Librarian Jessica Silver-Sharp. Photo by Sherri Wyatt

If you’ve never heard of “cli-fi” you’re not alone! This genre of climate fiction — lately referred to as “cli-fi” — isn’t new, but with the earth changing so rapidly, the number of books and movies featuring stories about climate change are rapidly on the rise. 

The Library was pleased to be able to display a few award-winning cli-fi books at Earth Fest’s inaugural launch, many of which were checked out by students and staff on the spot. 

The most popular featured author of the day was the late Ursula Le Guin, pioneering feminist science fiction writer and daughter of anthropologist Alfred Kroeber and Theodora Kroeber of Berkeley (co-author of Ishi, the Last Yahi). Le Guin was one of the first science fiction writers to be thinking about other species and our relationship to ecology. Her Left Hand of Darkness, published the same year that Skyline College opened its doors in 1969, and the Dispossessed (1974) are among her most famous works, forming part of her six book series, the Hainish Cycle, which is on order and will be available for library check out by summer.

Visitors to the Library’s Earth Fest booth also suggested a number of books for purchase as the Library is growing its science fiction collection to meet the demands of our community.

Faculty interested in teaching a science fiction book not currently held by the Library are encouraged to fill out the Library’s Materials Request Form. All others interested in recommending a book for purchase should reach out to Jessica at silversharpj@smccd.edu  Thank you to library student assistant Jonathan for helping battle the strong winds that tried to blow our books away, to Sherri Wyatt for organizing the entire effort, and to Carol Driscoll for tracking down all the books for display. We look forward to returning to Earth Fest with new (and old) books in 2024!

Article by Jessica Silver-Sharp | Photo by Sherri Wyatt

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