cldcDuring the month of February, the BEPP division collaborated with the teachers at the Child Development Laboratory Center (CDLC) at Skyline College to engage in themes of entrepreneurship through the lens of Black History Month.

Pcyeta Stroud and Soledad McCarthy, both parents of small children, thought it would benefit our youngest students on campus to learn a little about our nation’s history and the many contributions that black Americans have made to our success in innovation from a family perspective. Using fun handouts and technology, CDLC kids learned about Paul Laurence Dunbar, Mae Jemison and Marin Luther King Jr., among other inventors, artists and prominent figures, through a series of small interactive sessions.

As a result of the collaboration, the CDLC created a space to showcase historical figures all year round, in addition to the embedded curriculum that celebrates the diversity of CDLC families. We thank the CDLC staff and ECE faculty for this partnership and for this opportunity to celebrate the beauty of Black History Month.

Article by Pcyeta Stroud and Tina Watts

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