legit 3d posterThe LEGIT 3D Exhibition opens at the Art Gallery next week. The show features sculptural installations made from unconventional, commercial, and recycled materials including a huge extension cord macramé wall hanging by Dana Hemenway, a disco-mirror bomb by Jeremiah Jenkins, faux-fur toilet paper by Michael Arcega, and miniature google bus dioramas by COLL.EO (Colleen Flaherty and Matteo Bittanti). Definitely come see this show!

The exhibition runs from Tuesday, September 8 through October 9.

Gallery hours are posted to our website and facebook page.

There will be a LEGIT 3D reception / party on Sept. 15th, 12-2p.m., at the Skyline College Art Gallery.

  • Art, music, food, fun, friends!
  • Music provided by DJ [and Skyline College History Professor] Mustafa Popal! – Can’t be cooler than that!

Article by Paul Bridenbaugh