Legislative Site VisitSkyline College received a request from Dr. Laura Metune, Vice Chancellor of Government Relations from the California Community College State Chancellor’s Office, to host a legislative staff site visit. Skyline College was selected because it is considered a leader within the community college system.

The Chancellor’s Office made the commitment to legislative staff that these visits observe how colleges operate. The day started with a campus tour by three students from the Promise Scholars Program followed by a six hour meeting focusing on the Promise Scholars Program, the Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) model, Guided Pathways, the Strong Workforce Program and AB 705 Implementation within the rubric of the Skyline College’s Comprehensive Redesign.

The team of 17 consisted of various legislative offices that include members of the Chancellor’s Office, the Foundation Success Center, the Legislative Analysts’ Office, the Governor’s Office and the Department of Finance.

We received a letter of thanks from Governor Gavin Newsom based on the feedback he received from those in attendance. I also want to thank District Office staff who participated, Chief of Staff Mitch Bailey and Vice Chancellor of Educational Services and Planning Aaron McVean and Project Director, Promise Scholars Program Replication Lauren Ford; and the 23 Skyline College faculty, staff, and administrators who shared their passion and experience on program implementation and replication efforts.

Article by Jannett Jackson | Photo by Mia Coo

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