On April 9, 2014, the Skyline College Enactus Club welcomed Lisa Lilienthal, founder of Green Earth PR Network, writer and public relations consultant to campus as part of the Business Speaker Series Event. The Event was hosted by Enactus, YEP, and KBD.

speakerLisa has more than 20 years of experience in mission-based marketing. She is a founding affiliate of the Green Earth PR Network, a writer, and a public relations consultant. The Green Earth PR Network works with clients to assist them in tapping into sustainability issues concerning their business. She is very passionate about green technology and sustainability.

Enactus President Steven Wong warmly welcomed the group. The Enactus Club chose Enactus member Nicole Harris to introduce the speaker. She is a Skyline College student, who has overcome adversity as a legally blind person, and is very active on campus with Enactus, BSU and is a candidate for ASSC president.

Lisa’s presentation highlighted the notion of companies creating a brighter, sustainable world by promoting and advancing the concepts of sustainable production and consumption. She highlighted the journey of successful businessman, Ray Anderson, the chairman and founder of Interface, Inc., one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial and residential carpets. Anderson first turned his focus toward the environment in 1994 when he read The Ecology of Commerce by Paul Hawken.

This book transformed Ray’s business philosophy as he felt the industrial system is destroying the planet and only industry leaders are powerful enough to stop it. The company’s vision, through his direction, changed promising to eliminate any negative impact on the environment by the year 2020 through the redesign of processes and products, the pioneering of new technologies, and efforts to reduce or eliminate waste and harmful emissions while increasing the use of renewable materials and sources of energy to stop it.

The attendees were mesmerized by Lisa’s storytelling, slide show, and YouTube clips. To finish off the evening on a sweet note, the Enactus Club raffled off gift cards and invited the crowd to take a moment to have a quick one on one conversation with Lisa.

Article by Renee Bass and Christine Roumbanis